Laptop Repair in Central Florida

Not only does Innovative Electronics bring you a great inventory of consumer electronics and DIY components, we also pride ourselves in helping you repair and maintain your devices. Count on us for smartphone repairs, service calls for your home theater system or general virus removal and laptop repair in Orlando, FL.

Computer Virus Removal

Malware, adware, bloatware, spyware and more could all be lurking on your computer, causing you all sorts of headaches. Not only do these malicious programs slow down your computer, they also compromise your data and privacy, leaving you vulnerable to things like identity theft!

If you suspect your computer has a virus or are wary about how slow it’s running, bring it in to our store to get expert assistance. We’ll figure out if there’s anything malicious on your computer and, if there is, we’ll make sure it’s thoroughly removed and safety is restored to your computer.

In-Home Service Calls

For larger electronic issues, such as problems with your home theater system or your home security network, we’re glad to send service technicians to your home to set things straight. Our team is incredibly experienced in all things electronic and can provide resolutions for problems with your computer, theater system, home security, home automation and much more.

Cell Phone Repair

cell phone repair

Smartphones break all the time. Cracked screens, water damage, malicious apps and more can make your phone unusable! If you’re dealing with a phone that’s no longer functional or is having issues, visit us for cell phone repair in Orlando, FL. We have the tools and abilities to work on most models, including iPhones, Galaxy Phones, Pixels and a wide variety of other popular brands and models.

General Electronic Repair

We’re pretty handy when it comes to electronic repair and can fix most things for our customers. Bring us your non-functional electronics and let us restore their function, so you can save yourself the cost of buying new.

Questions about any of our repair services? Stop in and speak with a knowledgeable professional today or give us a call at 407-423-17701 and explain your situation to us. We’ll work hard to get things set right for you as quickly and affordably as possible!

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