February 28, 2022

maintenance manager

"I would like to start by saying how great it is to have an authentic RADIOSHACK in Orlando, when I heard that they had gone out of business I had two thoughts; the first was 'oh no, now where am I going to get my electronics fixes from, and the second was; well I guess I had noticed the caliber of the staff in the stores had slipped, they seemed only to want to help if you needed a cell phone item. So needing some resistors, I typed in RadioShack to see what there might be out the; to my surprise there it was! innovative electronics / RADIOSHACK!!! After placing a call and being reassured that they had what I wanted I drove there immediately. I walked to be greeted by the owner who was the most helpful as someone could be. I left with my parts and what only could be described as a sense of relief that we indeed have a RADIOSHCK in Orlando "
December 13, 2019

Great experience at Radioshack

"I stopped by Radioshack in Orlando this afternoon in desperate need of help. My son had a school project and we were experiencing a lot of difficulties trying to figure it out. The Owner took his time and explained how all the pieces would fit, gave me all the ways he could achieve success in his project. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and to find out that people still care."
April 24, 2018

"It was like the old days when radioshack use to have stores everywhere,i missed is the only place to go and find a radio antena on the same day"
April 24, 2018

"I didnt need any help, but witnessed the store manager helping a customer with finding a product at another retailer because he didnt carry it. Great service."
April 24, 2018

"Place is awesome. Had a power connection issue and he (forgot name sorry :( he was hispanic though) replaced and soldered the new connection perfect."
Innovative Electronics - Radioshack Dealer